Evang. Mama Pat Scams Church Members as money doubling trick fails during Church Service

The founder and leader of Heaven Way Church, Evang. Mama Pat allegedly Scams Church Members as money doubling trick she adopted fails her.

The self acclaimed repented fetish priestess, Evangelist Mama Pat, the then Ɔkɔmfoɔ Agradaa, is reported to have allegedly scammed her church members as her plans to double money failed her during church service.
In a video trending on the internet, the church members together with some residents who wanted to have their shares in the money doubling were infuriated at the entrance of the church trying to find their ways in.

The maddened congregants are therefore seeking for refund of their monies from the preacher and her entourage.

The alleged scammer, Nana Agradaa is purported to have escaped the attack via her back yard gate.

She is yet to respond to the allegations.

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