Pentecost Elder Commits Suicide at Bledi

An Elder of the Bledi Branch of the Church of Pentecost has taken his own life by hanging

Borrowing the words of people is not illegal until one decides not to quote the source.

Ebenezer Adjei of has once said
Every blessed day carries its own blessings and challenges, some people get greater opportunities whilst others get into a bitter pain”

Elder Obeng, Pentecost elder at Bledi in the Bia East District of the Western North Region of Ghana has reportedly taken his life for reasons only known to him.

The wife of the deceased in an interview has disclosed that  she was not holding anything against her husband and were happily living as husband and wife until the demise of her husband.

The wife further reiterated that, her late husband had not informed her of any troubling issue, and the death of her late husband has really caused her and the affected family a great pain.

This has however put the wife, families of the deceased and the entire residents of Bledi and its environs in the state of mourning.

As said earlier, the cause of the suicide is unknown.
This incident will be followed by the Management of to find out what the cause/s of the death is/are.

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