Watch Video: There Are Two Fools in the World; A Senseless King and His Ministers - Asiedu Nketiah Jabs

Johnson Asiedu Nketia, General Secretary of the Strong opposition National Democratic Congress,  jabs the current administration using what he refers to as “Hindu saying”.

According to the tongue-in-cheek politician who is affectionately called “General Mosquito” by many Ghanaians, there is a popular Hindu saying that draws a leader and his advisors into two groups of fools depending on the leader’s level of wisdom and the ability of his counsel to point out the flaws in his leadership style.

He noted that while a leader may be tagged a fool for being silly and having no knowledge of governance, his ministers and advisors become the second category of fools if they fail to point out his inefficiencies.

“There are only two fools in the world; the first is the leader who is not intelligent and has no knowledge in governance. The second fool is his ministers who keep praising the foolish king. This was said by one of the Indian goddesses, the goddess of wisdom,” he told Mugabe Maasi on his Gumbe show.

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