Uproarious as a Video of a Woman beating her alleged husband over House keeping money surfaces online

In our part of the world, it is assumed that, it is only men who are known to be abusive in marriages.

Recently, one man has being sentenced to life in prison for allegedly killing his wife.

But it seems things are gradually changing as a Video of a woman who has beaten her alleged husband over “Chop Money” finds its way on the internet and got social media users talking as to why and how a woman can beat a man to this extent.

The Lady in the video who is identified as Safia is said to have beaten her alleged husband for refusing to give her house keeping money. 

The lady according to our source says, the man has not been giving her money for the past one year and has left her and two children unsupported and left for the city 

The man later came back from the city for the kids.

The woman claims the man has not being supportive and for that matter, the kids won’t be given to the man but as big man as the man sees himself, he thought he could use his “man power” over the young woman and it finally “over him” rather.

This video has generated a lot tension and got many talking while others deem it irrelevant and claim this incidence needs not to be attended to.

Watch the video below and Leave your comment in the comment session:

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