Thief Suffers beatings as he finds himself in the hands of a Military Man in a trending Video - Must Watch

A thief says he will never steal again as he’s being caught and beaten by a military Man in a trending video.

  • A student by name Okyere Philemon who is a student of Nkoranza Institute  has found himself in a wrong hands as he’s caught stealing from an old woman’s “bodwa bodwa”.
  • As it is always said that, “ everyday for the thief, one day for the owner” the young man was caught by “Area boys” when he attempted and failed a robbery on an old woman.
  • The military man could be heard telling the suspect to mention his name, school he attends and lastly, Say “I will never steal again”.
  • Along the line, the suspect mistakenly said “I will never go to school again” instead of “I will never steal again”
  • There “norrrrr” the suspect started receiving canes from the security personnel.

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