Man Of Infrastructures- Was Mahama Helping By Making More Roads? Floods Raises Concerns

Floods which have taken over the internet recently has raised concerns in the country. People are disgusted at how floods are taking over the internet and how the government is merely doing anything about it. The military at a point had to carry old people on their shoulders to be able to cross these floods.

Roads are being destroyed by these floods because of bad drainages. This is not a solo project of the government but Ghanaians as well. We are all obliged to help the country become better by avoiding certain practices.

Mahama was building roads and making a lot of infrastructures. But all of these were chastised by people who thought Ghanaians needed food than roads. Now, people think Ghanaians need roads and proper construction of roads. This has raised the concern that Mahama did better and should have have been allowed to continue these good works than being chastised and voted out as well.

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