Kisa Shockingly Reveals Why She Resisted the Arrest of the man who Raped her and the Amount She Spent on Her Body Enhancement

The Voltarian Actress, Kisa Gbekele, has startled a revelation on what transpired as she went through her body enhancement at the overseas, the exact amount she paid and not denying the fact that she was raped and resisted the arrest of the rapist even though her parents deemed it right.

Kisa, who Tracy Boakye recently trolled for undergoing a body enhancement and still renting an apartment has In an interview with Abeiku Santana on “ATUU” shockingly revealed the amount she spent on enhancing her body. 

According to the thirty (30) year old Kisa Gbekele, She spent eight hundred (800) euros ie almost seventy thousand Ghana Cedis (Ghc 70,000.00) excluding her flight and hotel bookings for her enhancement.

The young actress who claims Afia Schwar, Sis. Afia, Tracy Boakye among others are her friends further revealed that, men just enter her DM and begin sending her money for no reason.

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She revealed that, she is currently not having anything doing with any man. 

She further disclosed that, even though she was raped leading to her child delivery which as a result of that led her into her body enhancement but she told her parents not to apprehend the man who raped and impregnated her since both of them  (Kisa Gbekele & the Rapist) enjoyed during the Intercourse.

Kisa did not reveal the identity of the man she gave birth with.

In all, 

  • Kisa started having sexual intimacy at the age of 12
  • She was Raped
  • Resisted the Arrest of the man who Raped her
  • Spent an amount of 800 Euros on her body enhancement, excluding flight and hotel bookings

She concluded that, though she started having early intimacy with men but she is no longer into men neither is she interested in females too.

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