Education Directorate threatens to transfer some teachers

The Education Directorate of Oforikrom Municipality in the Ashanti Region has allegedly prepared transfer letters for the teaching staff of Kotei R/C Junior High School.

The action of the directorate is in relation to the failure of 14 teachers of the school to render an apology to the directorate after it forced them to apologise for the wrong they (teachers) have not committed.

Speaking on Oyerepa midday news on Tuesday, the teachers disclosed that, a student lied to his father that, one of them had flogged him. The parent of the student upon receiving his ward’s claim reported the case to the Oforikrom Education Directorate where it (Directorate) said they (teachers) should write an apology letter to settle the issue else they would be transferred.

The Kotei R/C JHS teachers said, a committee was later set up to probe the case where  it proved that, the student’s allegation was false and that, the teachers were not guilty.

According to them, despite the committee not finding them (teachers) guilty of the said offence, the Oforikrom Education Directorate headed by Madam Doris Opare Addo, is still compelling them to write an apology letter for the false offence.

They declared that, the Oforikrom Education Directorate is already set to transfer them if they fail to render an apology on the offence they have not committed.

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Meanwhile, when Oyerepa FM’s Wofa Atta Frimpong went to the municipal education office at Susanso in the Oforikrom Municipality to ascertain the truth of the claim, Madam Doris Opare Addo (Oforikrom Education Municipal Director) declined to talk about it.

Source: /Joseph Marfo/ Wofa Atta Frimpong

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