A Driver Exchanges clenched fists (blows) with a Police Officer in a trending video

The behaviours of some youths of today seem not to be in forthright manners in our modern day Ghana, as a “trotro” driver is seen exchanging blows in a trending video with a personnel of the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate MTTD, an agency under the Ghana Police Service, for allegedly taking hold of his ignition keys.

Motor Transport and Traffic Department is an agency under the Ghana Police Service, responsible for road safety in Ghana.

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ACP. Adusei Sarpong, Commander of the Motor Transport and Traffic Department In a news item which was published on January 27, 2017 by ghanaweb.com, made it clear that, No Police officer has the right to seize the ignition keys of uncooperative drivers. He further revealed that it is even an unlawful for police on duties on roads to remove the ignition keys of vehicles.

According to the commander, it is just a matter of taking the details of the driver who is being recalcitrant and process him or her for court with or without his presence. It is at the court, the police can secure a court order to arrest the driver and if that order is given, then the police has the right to arrest the driver anywhere he/she (driver) is seen, the commander added.

In the video sited by hitnewsgh, the driver was seen on the streets of an unknown location angrily directing his punches to the face of the afflicted officer of the MTTD.

The driver could be loudly heard that he is no way following the officer to the station so his ignition key should be given to him at that moment else, he will beat the "hell" out of the officer.

As to why and what really led to the seizure of the driver's key which later  generated the "heat" between the two, is currently unknown.

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