VIDEO : Nana Yeboah Goes Hard On Oyerepa Afutuo Team for Calling to disgrace him (Nana Yeboah) on the Show


The kumawood comic actor who is known for his insults in movies and his funny skits has taken it into reality by going hard on Oyerepa Afutuo team.

In the video, he was heard descending heavily on Aunty Naa and Osofo because they (Aunty Naa and Osofo) called him pertaining to an issue his wife took to the show to be resolved.

According to the actor, Aunty Naa and Osofo hold no right to be resolving issues on television because the hostess (Aunty Naa) left her matrimonial home after one month in marriage and Osofo too has left his wife and children at home to impregnate to give birth with another woman.

As he was furious in addressing the issue, he referred to all who take their issues to the show to be ‘naive’ because the self-acclaimed ‘problems solvers’ are rather having problems that need to solved.


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