Mona Kizz Commits $uicide After Her Porta Potty In Dubai Video Gone Viral.

Ugandan influencer Karungi Monica, well known as Mona Kizz has reportedly attempted $uicide after her Porta Potty Video gone viral on social media.

On Sunday 15th May, 2022, Ugandan influencer, Karungi Monica, well known as Mona Kizz jumped from the Al Fahad hotel in Dubai and unfortunately she died.
Mona Kizz was a model, influencer and 24year beautiful lady  who has been popular following her Porta Potty Video (Ladies sleeping with dog in Dubai) and more popular after her $uicide video gone viral worldwide.

After Mona Kizz died of jumping from a tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Some people has associated her death to depression, saying she was dealing with mental pressure which has  led to her attempt to commit $uicide.


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