Breaking: 19-year-old Covid-19 Patient Raped By Ambulance Driver


An ambulance driver in India has reportedly raped a 19 year old girl when transporting her to the hospital after she tested positive for covid-19.

The lady was reportedly attacked by a man identified as V Noufal, 29, while on their way to the Firstline COVID Treatment Center in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala, India, on Saturday night September 6, 2020.

The repist was arrested the next day, September 6, 2020 after the victim reported the incident to a staff of the hospital.

Indian Minister of Health, KK Shailaja described the rape incident in Kerala as “shocking” and “human”.

An official of the Indian health department told the press that usually the driver is left alone in a chamber that is well secured so that no other stuff accompanies the driver.

This was to reduce contacts during the transportation of covid-19 in patients.

“The driver’s chamber is partitioned and no other staff or nurse accompanies the driver while ferrying patients to hospital.

“This is to limit the exposure of health workers to infected persons. In rare cases, if the patient is serious. We send a nurse. In this case, both patients were stable; he said.

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