VIDEO: Ignatius and Freelove open up About Date Rush Being Scripted in Video

- Ignatius Baidoo and Portia Freelove of Date Rush Fame have opened up about viral reports that the dating show is not real
- The duo sat in an interview with Giovanni Caleb and rubbished the claims
- Date Rush is a reality TV show that seeks to put two single people together
Two contestants from the recently aired Date Rush reality show owned by TV3, have spoken for the first time about claims that the show was stage-managed.
The duo, Ignatius Baidoo and Portia Freelove, who turned overnight stars, indicated that the show was not scripted and that everything happening on the show was not coordinated.
Ignatius for one said he had not seen any of the 10 ladies before and only set eyes on them when he was invited to take his turn in order to land a date.
Portia Freelove also indicated that she set her eyes on Ignatius for the first time when he was presented to the ladies and she fell head over heels in love with him.
The two were answering questions posed to them by Giovanni Caleb who was trying to put the scripted rumours to bed.
The issue came up following a video that was trending on social media which showed some of the contestants of the Date Rush show in a room and holding what looked like bonded papers.
Word on social media indicated that those sheets were scripts and it was the way TV3, organizers of the show, manipulated happens and outcomes.
Giovanni, while interviewing the two, said he wanted them to dispel the rumour by stating on live television that the show was not being acted.
On the same interview, Ignatius indicated that he was a Jack of all trades as it came to light that aside running an NGO, he was into making of cocktails, selling of bedsheets and many other businesses.


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