GES has queried over 800 staffs who used their Academic Certificates to apply for upgrading

According to information gathered by Education Ghana, some staffs of the GES waiting for upgrading to Principal Superintendent and other grades using certificates have their applications queried by GES Headquarters.

It is believed that out of the great number who took part in the examination, only a few percentage of people who have their documents queried.

These documents according to the Human Resources Management GES HEADQUARTERS have some loop holes which have to be corrected by applicants themselves.

Affected staff are to provide evidence ofapproval before commencement of program of study, and dates of last promotion in order to answer the queries raised by GES Headquarters.

Affected staff may also get in touch with the Human Resource Managers in their respective District Directorates for clarification.

List of 439 queried staff who applied for upgrading in the central region is as well as other regions.

It is advice that anyone who have applied for upgrading should check whether his or her documents have been queried.

Source: operanewsapp

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