#Trending Issues: Fella Makafui clashes with Sister Derby in music war over Medikal

Fella Makafui, who recently got married to Ghanaian rapper ‘Medikal’, real name Samuel Frimpong, yesterday released her first solo track called ‘Over’ and the song immediately after it was released got a lot of reaction from people all over the internet.

In Fella’s new song ‘Over’, she can be heard saying ‘If it is for you come and collect’ signaling that the love affair between both Deborah Vanessa and Medikal is actually over.
It is alleged that the song is a reply to Sister Deborah Vanessa’s earlier song she released last month titled ‘Sweet Ex’ which was an indirect message to Fella that she (Sister Deborah) was only saying ‘Hi’ to Medikal and that she doesn’t want him back.
The new song is already causing confusion amongst both fans of the artists aforementioned and as usual everyone wants their artist to win this ‘music war’ by trolling the opponent.
Listen to the songs from both artists and judge for yourself.
As usual let us know what you think from the comment section after that…

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