Retired Goalkeeper Sammy Adjei Is Now A Public Toilet Assistant (+ Photos

It’s important everyone maintains multiple streams of income in this life. No one should heavily rely on just one stream of income as there will be moments that, one particular stream of income, may not bring in returns all the time.

Some of our celebrities understand this business concept and have created for themselves side businesses aside from their main career and Sammy Adjei has made that move to also own a toilet business.

Sammy Adjei unlike some of his compatriots who after their illustrious careers become paupers because they wasted their money, time, and energy on frivolous things which did not yield dividends.

He has decided to secure his future in order not to find himself wanting in the near future. There are so many untapped opportunities which we as a country are failing to take advantage of.

Regardless, I wonder why people are mocking him. See photos below:

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