We will provide you with lawyers – GNAT to newly trained teachers

The General Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, Thomas Musah has pledged to provide legal aid for the teachers who are to appear in court on Wednesday. He disclosed in an interview on Citi News.
“What I heard them say is that, they were charged with unlawful assembly and I told the police that I will be there tomorrow where we will discuss these things in detail. We will provide them with lawyers. Our lawyers will go and speak to them and handle the case for us,” he said.
On January 9th, 2020, scores of graduate trainee teachers representing over 3,000 teacher trainees, picketed at the Ghana Education Service (GES) to demand postings. Their picketing was seen as unlawful by the ministry police, hence nineteen trained teachers were arrested.
The teachers who completed the various Colleges of Education in 2018 accused the GES of not posting them despite the completion of their mandatory national service and licensure certification.
However, the Ministry of Education in a statement has said that it currently cannot post graduate trainee teachers who did not complete school in 2018 because it does not have the required financial clearance to cater for all of them.

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