Health: We are Working With GRNMA and MoF to get Financial Clearance for Unemployed Nurses – GUNMA President Sugri Abdul

The National President of the Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association (GUNMA) Mr. Sugri Abdul-Rafiq has in an update to members of GUNMA indicated that, the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) and GUNMA  are working seriously with the Ministry of Finance to secure financial Clearance for all Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives in the country so

as to get them employed by the government by 31st March, 2020.

Below is the statement put out by the President of the

Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association

After we took the decision to put our demonstration on hold, leadership on Monday went to deliver a letter to the GRNMA president and upon our arrival we saw her seriously working on a document which was all about our issues. We proceeded to MOH to deliver a letter to the minister and the HR.
On Tuesday leadership went back to the MOH to meet with the HR.
He reaffirmed his promise he made to us and reassured us that they will do everything within their powers to ensure that we get the financial clearance within the timeline given (31/03/2020). He also took note of our colleagues from Yendi College of Health Sciences and Wa NTC who were initially left out when financial clearance for our rotation was issued. He indicated that measures will be kept in place to avoid such an error this time around.
Today (29/01/2020): the GRNMA president Mrs Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo gave us an update on what has been done so far.
She stated that she is working very closely with MOH HR, GHS HR, N&MC, MOF and all the stakeholders that matters and that all things being equal we will get the financial clearance within the timeline given by the MOH.
*Both the GRNMA president (Mrs Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo),
MOH HR, (Dr Kwesi Asabire) and the GHS HR(Dr Margaret
Chebere) extend their heartfelt gratitude to the entire
membership of GUNMA for the respect we gave them and indicated that they will also not disappoint us.*
Leadership of GUNMA will also want to thank all our members for the cooperation and shall continue to give our best with constant updates till we all receive the financial clearance and consequently, our postings.
God bless us all…
GUNMA National President.

The Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association was due to hit the street to demonstrate to drum home their continued stay at home after graduating from their various Nursing and Midwifery colleges but the association later took a decision to suspend the demonstration after the Ministry of Health intervened and promised to work things out for them to get financial clearance for them by 31st March, 2020.

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