VIDEO: DKB Grinds Ms Forson's curvaceous backside without her p@nts on

In a fast trending video which is said to be a recorded file at the third anniversary party of Club Onyx owned by D- Black, the boss of Black Avenue Music, one popular commedian who is known as DKB was spotted grinding the voluptuous backside of the Black Avenue Music signee, Ms Forson.

Ms Forson together with DKB in the video seemed to have enjoyed the act because as DKB was busy showing her 'atopa skills', Mr Forson was also twerking heavily as if she has been contracted.

The songstress was in a see through dress which previewed her inner features which is pushing us to suggest that might be the reason why DKB was so serious in the dancing moves thinking he has had access to the 'most men's target'.

Watch the video below:


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