UNBELIEVABLE! Watch what Donald Trump did to an Audient who shouted when he was delivering a speech

The 45th and current President of United State of America, Donald John Trump whose impeachment trial began just yesterday has in a video which was spotted by our search team been seen reacting harshly to an audient who kept shouting when he was delivering a speech.

In the speech delivery which is yet to be identified where it took place and also its purpose, an audient was heard shouting whiles raising a board with the president's name boldly written on it.

The president after hearing the sudden utterance from the audient quickly stopped delivering and rushed towards where the shouted personality was to be trampled with hooves.

But in an attempt to do so, some securities from nowhere surrounded and prevented him from continuing with his intentions.

Watch the video
Source: www.hitnewsgh.com // Cee Jay //

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