Lesson plans NOT compulsory for Basic School teachers

Lesson plans NOT compulsory for Basic 
School teachers is the news making rounds on social media. 


The said message reads: According to Dr. Amar, Executive Secretary of NACCA, we are not obliged to write lesson plans except the scheme of work.
The lesson plan has been prepared by NACCA to be uploaded online for all teachers across board. Just download, read, practice and teach with it.
Therefore, no CS should bother teachers to recopy the notes prepared by NACCA.
In addition, CS should rather inspect the weekly forecast since lesson planning takes almost the entire time of the teachers.

There is an audio circulating alongside this text purported to be the voice of the Executive secretary of NACCA. It requests that the said message should be sent to all teachers, all circular supervisors, and the various directors.”
If this information is true then why are some CS been so difficult? someone quizzed.
In addition to that, a similar message also added that “From NaCCA, no teacher is supposed to write the daily lesson plan.
There was some miscommunication during the curriculum training workshop. NaCCA is and will be in charge of the daily lesson plan which will be available for teachers online, just like the e-payslip system.
All headteachers and teachers should strictly adhere to this development. 
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GES stand on : Lesson plans NOT compulsory

Since the start of this term in September, lesson plans covering KG to Basic six have been made available on all teacher platforms making the work of the teacher further easy. This has ensured a high level of consistency across schools in Ghana.
However, the Ghana Education Service  (GES ) is yet to officially come out to confirm the issues raised in the above information circulating.

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