JUST IN: GES has finally Released the Remaining Postings

Qualified Trained teachers who were denied the GES Postings during the first and second postings are to be informed that, the remaining postings are finally out.

Newly posted teachers are to print their appointment letters and report to the Regional Directors with their letters and Certificates for further directives.

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Trained teachers 2018

2018 Trained Teachers from all the Colleges of Education in Ghana were asked to write a Licensure Exam after their College Processes without any learning materials of which the examination will be based on.

These same teachers after writing the examination which some of them reffered to as " a calculated attempt " to deny them postings, were once again asked to undergo a one year mandatory National Service of which some of the Trained teachers have still not received their allowances for a month or two.

The rationale behind the organisation of the examination was to be used in posting the then Newly Trained Teachers.

Some of these Innocent Trained Teachers went through a lot of tribulations to the extent of not being confirmed by the Organisers of the examination, National Teaching Council, NTC, after successfully going through the examination processes.

The Honourable Minister of Education, Mathew Opoku Prempeh, who is popularly known by his constituents and Ghana as a whole as Napo, was in the early of September heard, promising these teachers who got themselves a mere Diploma Certificate for almost four years of postings.

Upon the 'curse like' promise from the Minister, believe you me, it was to no avail.

It was some where in December where the Postings finally came after a Press Statement which had in hand, Mrs. Van Vicker.

These postings also came in batches.
The first postings came leaving some unposted.
The second too came still leaving some unposted.
Those who were still not posted after the second list were told to send their particulars to the Regional Offices for postings of which they did.

These teachers have been in a 'waiting zone' without receiving even a message to encourage them of any process.

After being sick and tired, they decided to organise themselves to find out what is really happening, that is when and where they were told categorically, to get themselves in private schools for survival by Mrs. Van Vicker in the presence of Napo.

This news from the ministry after surfacing the internet set tongues wagging as to why such statement should be heard from the ministry.

Now the good news is, the remaining trained teachers have been posted.

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  1. So is because of index number 2016 & 17 that's y we're not among....we too have passed all the exams so what's should we do