Former TTAG president chides TTA for their ‘unnecessary claims’, accepting National Service

The former President of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG), Anthony Dadzie has also add his voice to the controversial press release by the Teachers and Trainees Advocacy (TTA) which made headlines two days ago rubbishing John Dramani Mahama’s claims to cancel both the licensure exams and the mandatory National Service.

To TTA, the National Service and the licensure examination would raise the standard of the teaching profession.

This didn’t go down well for trainees as they poured their anger on TTA for agreeing to the national service as well as the licensure exams which has currently delayed most trainees into the teaching field after completion.

This has also charged the former president of TTAG, Anthony Dadzie to add his piece to cool down the intense fire, ignited by TTA.
On his Facebook wall, he wrote:

“I think we should start MARKING the WORDS and the WORKS of the INTELLIGENT ROWDY SYCOPHANTS, who are making UNNECESSARY CLAIMS for their GREEDY SELFISH INTEREST today >> for tomorrow”.

Well, his piece could be well understood by people who have followed the ongoing issues concerning the licensure and national Service fracas.

What is your take on the licensure exams as well as the national Service? Comment below.


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