Court issues warrant for arrest of Kelvin Taylor

The High Court in Accra has issued a warrant for the arrest of social commentator, Kelvin Ebo Taylor.
Justice Eric Kyei Baffour, who issued the warrant said it was based on a viral video in which Mr. Taylor reportedly made “extremely scandalous” and contemptuous statement against the court and the whole judicial administration of the country.
The judge said the statement had the potential of poisoning the mind of Ghanaians against the court with regards to an ongoing case.
Kelvin Taylor, who has been commenting on a number of socio-political issues in various video broadcasts allegedly said in one of the broadcasts that Justice Baffour was being used by the governing New Patriotic Party to persecute the accused persons in an NCA case currently before him as well as some members of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) party.
Mr. Taylor also reportedly called on the new Chief Justice, Anin Yeboah to investigate justice Eric Kyei Baffour over alleged dubious conduct and unguided behaviour.
Justice Eric Kyei Baffour said although Kelvin Ebo Taylor is originally not a party of the ongoing NCA case, the severity of his comments demands that he is invited to answer “to the question why he should not be committed to prison for making such contemptuous statements.”
“I decided to reserve the necessary orders regarding the scandalous video made by a scoundrel circulating in social media. But I reckon that if I were to wait till the end of the case, I may be functus officio. This scoundrel styles himself as Kelvin Ebo Taylor, and he is not a party to the suit. I find it necessary not to ignore it, but to make and as a judge, take the necessary action. The video contains an extremely scandalous and prima facie contemptuous speech that scandalizes the judge, the court and indeed the whole administration of justice, for which no civilized jurisdiction out to allow to take place,” the judge’s reasons for the order read.
“The intent of this person, if he indeed made such video, is to provoke and incite public opprobrium and prejudice and poison the minds of right-thinking members of the public against the court, in respect of a pending proceeding. As a judge of impeccable integrity and utmost honesty, I find it necessary invoking the powers vested in me under Article  126 (2) of the Constitution, 1992 to proceed against this scoundrel for contempt,” it added.
The warrant order has been directed to the Inspector General of Police, James Boanuh, the Police Service, National Security and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).
“Taking judicial notice that he is not within the jurisdiction, it will be futile to issue summons for his appearance before me. Instead, I issue a warrant for the apprehension of the scoundrel to be produced before the court, to answer to the question why he should not be committed to prison for making such contemptuous statements which are totally a fabrication by him. The warrant is directed at the IGP of the Police and the Ghana Police Service, the BNI and the National Security, to take appropriate steps for his apprehension and production before the court. Until he is arrested, this warrant remains in force, and shall last the day this scoundrel that styles himself as Kelvin Ebo Taylor also expires from the surface of the earth,” Justice Eric Kyei Baffour’s statement read.

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