Anti-register group resurrects 'y3npini' demo over "EC's deceptive tactics"

The Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Voter’s Register has reactivated its recently-suspended demonstrations decrying the Electoral Commission’s “deceptive tactics” as far as the compilation of a new register of voters is concerned.  
The group, in a statement signed by its Convener Bernard Mornah, said it “decries the act of bad faith expressed by the Electoral Commission of Ghana in the syndicated publication of the date for the commencement of the new voter’s registration exercise.
“In a meeting of the Resistance held on Thursday, 23 January, we took a disturbing note of the EC’s declaration of April 18 as the beginning of the compilation of the new register and its subsequent publication in the state media without recourse to the planned engagement of stakeholders at a meeting scheduled for 30 January. This, we consider not only an act of bad faith but also an act of utter disrespect and disregard to the EC’s own establishment, the Committee of Eminent Advisors and the civil society organisations involved in these discussions”, the statement said. 
It added: “We recount for the purpose of emphasis, the Resistance’s announcement at the ‘Y3npini’ demonstration in Kumasi last Tuesday to suspend our planned public manifestation in Accra for one week pending the engagement with the EC, as a sign of good faith to the EC, respect to the EC’s Committee of Eminent Advisors and a show of immense regard to His Eminence Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene, who has requested for calm as they mediate the impasse”.
“It is our considered view that the EC is taking the anger and the will of the people for granted by spiting the good conscience of the Resistance in the invitation of political parties to a meeting with the Committee of Eminent Advisors for further deliberations on the said matter and yet going ahead to announce a date for the commencement of same. 
“In view of the conduct of the EC, the Resistance wishes to announce our inability to oblige with the earlier announcement of the momentary suspension of our public manifestations and further declare that, we shall proceed with the series of mass actions earlier outlined. We shall, in due course, announce the form, venue and dates for such actions to drum home further the need to speedily drop this dangerous and wasteful thought of compiling a new register.
“While at it, we are of the opinion that if any further deliberation must happen between the EC, Committee of Eminent Advisors and IPAC, it must be done with the full involvement of the CSOs, as has been the practice at IPAC”, the group demanded. 

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