The need for sex positions

Sex Positions are very important to making the lovemaking and sexual intercourse more exciting, enjoying and better satisfaction. There are over 365 sex positions of which if you want to try all of them, you won’t repeat any of them for the whole year. Interesting right? Why do we need sex positions instead of a sex position? Sex Positions:

1. Renews the passion on every Intercourse:

The passion for intimacy and sexual pleasure is increased and renewed as you have diverse sex positions. The body is always given a new position, pleasure and a new sensation through different sex positions. Exclusive to

2. Makes Sex enjoyable more than endurable:

Having only one type of sex position often makes intercourse more of endurable than enjoyable. One type of position alone reduces the desire and pleasure for sex and makes sexual intercourse a chore than a pleasure.

3. Exercise the whole body:

It is recommended that in a round of sex or lovemaking partners involved should explore not less than five (5) sex positions. This helps you to exercise the whole body as every part is involved in the act.

4. To explore areas of intensity and less intensity:

Trying various positions during intercourse helps you to discover your area that increases the desire for sex and areas that reduce the intensity. The body is designed in such a way that the feeling desired is unique to each body part. That is to say, the sexual feeling you get at for instance, in deep penetration sex or a rear entry will not be the same as the missionary position.

Cautions with the Sex Positions:

1. Not all styles or Positions are suitable for everyone. Weight, height, body size and strength will depend on the sex position suitable to practice. Exclusive to

2. Make sure your sex organs are wet or stimulated before the intercourse. This is achieved through romance or prolonged foreplay.

3. Start gradually at a slower speed and avoid deep penetration at start (for the men). You are likely to ejaculate as early as five seconds if you start the intercourse with deep penetration into the vagina as a man. It is therefore recommended that you avoid deep penetration at start and also go on a slower speed for some minutes before you gradually increase the speed, so that you are not forced to ejaculate prematurely. 4. Do with free heart and mind and not with bad intention or pains for each other. The intent of the sexual intercourse is also very important. You need to be of a clear state of mind to try certain sex positions so you don’t yourself or your partner. Exclusive to

Natural sex enhancing fruits:

1. Watermelon (blend watermelon with the seed, garlic and ginger. Drink a small cup morning and evening. If you do this as a man, within three days of intake, you will realize that the frequency of erection is enhanced and the penis strength has been increased. For women, it increases your appetite for sex, boost your libido and makes sex more enjoyable.

2. Regular natural intake of carrot, cucumber, cinnamon and black seed also enhances sexual performance.

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