Shame: Catholic Priest Caught Chopping A Prostitute In His Vehicle (Photos)

Being a Catholic Priest comes with one making so many vows and the most known among them is being a celibate; a state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons.
Under the Catholic faith, celibacy is generally recognized as a voluntary choice to remain unmarried or engage in any form of sexual activity, usually in order to fulfil a religious vow.
In this sense, one can accurately be said to be practising sexual abstinence as a condition of his or her vow of celibacy.
Well, it seems the flesh which is sometimes stronger than the spirit has overpowered a popular Catholic priest who has defied his vows of chastity and celibacy by sleeping with a prostitute.
The priest identified as Father Anatoly of the Catholic Church was on Thursday night was caught redhanded chopping the hell out of a prostitute in his Toyota RAV4 by the roadside in the night.
See photos below:

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