Nurses Threaten To Vote Out Nana Addo Led Government

Nurse licensure is the process by which various regulatory bodies, usually a Board of Nursing, regulate the practice of nursing within its jurisdiction. 

The primary purpose of nurse licensure is to grant permission to practice as a nurse after verifying the applicant has met minimal competencies to safely perform nursing activities within nursing's scope of practice.

As such, 2019/2020 year group were to write and acquire for themselves the license in order to befit into the health sector.

But looking at the examination's statistics and the mass failure after the released results, they suggest they have being marked down just to be denied of postings.

As a result of that, Coalition of Uncertified General Nursing Students, 2019/2020 have in a press conference which was held on Monday, December 23, 2019, threatened to vote out the Nana Addo Led Government if they pretend not have seen anything and do nothing about the mass failure.

According to the Students, they suggest the mass failure is a calculated attempt by the Authorities involved just to repudiate their automatic postings because they know what they wrote and that should at least give them a pass.

Listen to the audio below:

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