Let us review the cut off point into tertiary institution - Asuman-Adu Ebenezer (A Trained Teacher)

Asuman-Adu Ebenezer - A Professional Teacher

We have more secondary school graduates not entering the various tertiary institutions because of the requirements that ushers one into these institutions. 

For Every tertiary institution an applicant should have a minimum grade of C6 in 3 of the core subjects of which you can not do away with Core Mathematics, Integrated Science and English. I don't want to talk about the electives subjects because they don't impede students that much. 

Should you get All Bs and As in your electives and get a D or an E In any of the subjects mentioned above, You will apply every year to be admitted but you will never see this text message, "congratulations, you have been admitted into our institution to read a 4year program in Accounting".

It's so alarming when such applicant decides to stop schooling because school is useless after all the performance he has put up. There are some schools believe you me that are having great teachers on the electives side but on the part of the core subjects I can't say much. 

In 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic years when minimum requirements into colleges of education was dropped to D7 to admit many trainees people were like training college is a cheap school but most beneficiaries were able to obtain second class upper, few getting first class whilst those with de As and Bs dropping to depict the source of their results. 

Let's review the requirements entry into our tertiary institutions. I had a D in Mathematics at SHS but now I am a master of mathematics all because the 2015/16 academic year gave me the opportunity to prove my point. All my maths courses at college I had an A.

Students are quitting school due to such unfair treatment.

Review the requirements entry. Give us the chance and we will show our power.

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  1. Thats really true bro. I know many of such people u had the chance to show off what they can do during that year.
    Most are holding good classes after tertiary