You vote, their relatives take the positions so be wise – Afia advises electorates

Controversial Media Personality, Afia Schwarznegger has observed that politicians have reduced Ghanaians to voters and after elections dish out juicy positions to their relatives.

There seem to be a wind of change blowing through the streets of Ghana as the average Ghanaian has come to appreciate the fact that politicians in the West African Country are wicked.

The conversation for the week has been about nepotism in the current government and what was done by previous administrations.
Afia Schwarzenegger has added her voice to the conversation and her advise is to the electorates.
According to her, electorates need to be wise during voting because these politicians do not have them at heart.
She noted that during electioneering campaigns, they come to the people to get their votes but call on their family members to occupy positions of influence.
She said ” When it is time for Elections they come to you…
When they are giving positions they call Only their relatives…
Think ooooo Think ….Ghanaian Youth Think .
When You question them they play “blame games ” 
I will sit here n wait for 20 people who can boast of a common $1000 (5,000Ghc).
Every where is stagnant…The annoying part is People will promise you money with their own mouth n play “Jack where are you” with you..
The country is HARD!!!!!! Your Vote is your power…So think .
Good day”. Offei-Akoto/2019

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