Eno Barony Reveals The Type Of Man She Likes

The self-acclaimed best Rapper in Ghana, the king of queens, Eno Barony, has revealed the kind of man she likes.

She made this revelation on “RUNDOWN WITH YAW SAKYI” on Kwese TV.

The revelation came about when a question was thrown at her which read “what type of man do you like”.

So in response to the question asked by the host, she said “ I like the man I become when I am behind the microphone, because I turn from female to male when I am performing”, the King of Queens disclosed.

She continued by saying that, “nobody can create a human being so you can’t be like I like this kind of man or that”

The host then asked her to let the rap flows and she perfectly 'killed' it for him.

Watch the video of her below:

Source: hitnewsgh.com

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