Video of a female SHS student Smoking as if there is no tomorrow hits the Internet

Recently, videos of SHS students twerking were all over the globe.

The twerking went to the extent of some students twerking on the laps of their Male teachers. This twerking by students was condemned by some renowned pastors and other personalities and as a result of that trying to bring it to a stop.

VIDEO: Fantana donates Yazz Sanitary Pads to some group of teenagers after her embarrassment at the recent reign concert which was held @ Fantasy Dome, Accra.

As the issue of twerking is under management, we only woke up this morning to spot a video of a Female SHS student seriously Smoking as if she discovered "Smoking".

Looking at the shape of the substance, it doesn't look like a 'Cigar' so suspects it might be the 'twin brother' of 'Cigar'.

Watch the video below and suggest what the substance might be:


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